Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Village Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation – Houston, Texas

Village Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation is an outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation facility serving the Houston, West Houston and Katy area. Our Physical Therapy Program is designed to help you get back to your normal activities after an injury or surgical procedure. We believe in a functional approach creating individualized physical rehabilitation programs that can be easily re-created at home without expensive equipment, gym memberships, and with no other investment except your time!

Our licensed staff will create a comprehensive program that best suits your goals. Our physical therapy team uses various methods to treat painful conditions and injuries, including therapeutic exercise and activities, manual therapies, and various modalities commonly used in the physical rehabilitation process. Patient’s programs are individualized to maximize results and expedite recovery as quickly as possible.

Our Sports Therapy Program is specific to our athletes and other active individuals who have sustained sports injuries and wish to get back to their pre-injury athletic ability and learn re-injury prevention. We understand how important it is for you to get back into the game!

Our Worker Injury Program is a goal-oriented approach to prepare you to return to work after an injury. This program is specifically designed to restore your pre-injury abilities and help you return to normal work activities as soon as possible.

Village Physical Therapy offers Computerized Muscle Testing and Goniometry. This service provides an objective data report that is used to individualize your rehabilitation program specific to your dysfunction. The data helps our therapy team better understand the nature of your condition and your deficits limiting your ability to maximize your rehabilitation potential.

Our licensed therapists are committed to improving our patients’ overall quality of life by providing personalized, high-quality care. We offer comprehensive physical therapy programs to help our patients overcome pain, injury, or post-surgery, all while achieving a healthy body and mind.